All About YubiKeys

What are Yubikeys?
YubiKeys are literally a key-sized device, similar in size to a USB memory stick, which you can plug in to your laptop or PC as a multifactor authentication (MFA) method.  It can work with business and home software, especially logins to Microsoft, Google and Meta (Facebook, Instagram) services.
But instead of reaching for your phone to open an authenticator app or approve a login, you can simply touch the YubiKey to verify and you’re in. Once an app or service is verified, it can stay trusted. It’s that easy.

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Why would we need YubiKeys?


Every second of the day, a phishing attack takes place somewhere. Nine out of ten cybersecurity breaches are caused by simple mistakes like clicking on fraudulent links that look real but are not. YubiKeys can help.

Passwords and legacy MFA are no longer sufficient to protect users. To stop modern threats, you must have modern, phishing-resistant authentication.

YubiKeys offer the most secure passkey authentication approach that accelerates the move towards a passwordless future, and stops account takeovers in their tracks.


What are the benefits of YubiKeys?

Small and medium-sized businesses underestimate the risk of a cybersecurity breach but one in three breaches involve SMBs, and 52% of SMBs experienced at least one cyberattack in the last year.

By adding YubiKey hardware security keys, your business can significantly reduce cyber risks and keep your intellectual property safe, as well as your customer and financial information. Even if you click on a phishing email, the YubiKey will know that the link is not the right one.

This is a device which is actually there in front of you that nobody can imitate. It’s the next generation in MFA devices and something we highly recommend our customers use in addition to their other security measures.


How can I get my YubiKeys?

YubiKeys are available for a small one-off cost in several different sizes and connectors including USB-A, USB-C and NFC-enabled. There will already be one which is suitable for helping to protect your workforce.

Get in touch with our Sales team to find out more about YubiKeys and the options for your business.
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