Stay protected from today’s cyber threats with Acronis and NCS IT

Why do we need cybersecurity?

Regardless of your business’ size, industry, or location, you could be a target for sophisticated, modern cyberthreats. These attacks can come from a wide variety of approaches and if a single attempt is successful it could shut your doors for good. Acronis’ cybersecurity services are designed to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Backup on computer screen

Why are backups important?

Unexpected downtime and data loss costs your business valuable time and money. Whether you’re confronted with a phishing attack or ransomware, or an app you need suddenly crashes – having a backup of your data, applications, and systems ensures you can recover quickly and get back to work.

Any interruption to your business can be costly. In IT, we call it “downtime”. And downtime can be a big problem  – closing off part or all of your operations and losing you money every minute that you’re down. In fact, once you’ve added up lost business, lost productivity, and lost reputation, the cost of downtime can soon add up.

Acronis keep your business safe

There is good news though

With modern backup and recovery technology and processes, your business can avoid data loss arising from malware attacks, human error, and everything in between. And, if you do lose access to some of your business data you can recover it in a matter of minutes – keeping your business running without any interruption.

From entire servers full of business data to that one PowerPoint deck you can’t afford to lose, your backup and recovery solution needs to be able to protect everything that’s important to your team. Because, inevitably, if one system is left unprotected it’s going to be that one that goes down.
That’s why NCS and Acronis offer backup and recovery capabilities that cover more than 20 different platforms – including physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile – no matter where the data rests, how large it gets, or how you choose to move or access it.
Computer to cloud

Restore lost or compromised data in minutes

Your business relies on data safety, accessibility, and security to keep work flowing and growing. With Acronis’ backup and recovery services in place, data recovery can be complete in a matter of minutes – getting your team back to business.

With continuous data protection in place, the data recovered will include recent changes, making it more accurate and valuable.  And with built-in cybersecurity capabilities, we can ensure that your backup data is free of ransomware, malware and viruses.

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Integrated cybersecurity capabilities

Nowadays organisations face new, sophisticated cyberthreats daily. In fact, in 2020 there were 350,000 new malware threats discovered every day. Any of these threats could spell disaster for your business, particularly if you’re an SMB.

That’s why Acronis include some essential cybersecurity defences into their backup and recovery services. All backups are protected with advanced machine-learning based threat detection capabilities, which are designed to detect and prevent ransomware, phishing attacks, and never-before-seen “zero-day” attacks from impacting your data, and your business

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