Discover hyperconvergence with maximum performance at an affordable price – no matter how big your business is.

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About StarWind

StarWind has been successfully pioneering storage virtualisation and hyperconvergence since 2003. Where large companies often tend towards complex licensing and only offer special functionality at an extra cost, StarWind focuses on simplicity and transparency.

They are a one-stop virtualisation shop for all the “building blocks” required to construct a full-stack data centre infrastructure.


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What is Hyperconvergence?

It is your entire IT infrastructure in one scalable solution.

Hyperconvergence is a way to enable cloud-like economics and scalability to your IT infrastructure without compromising its performance, reliability and availability.

StarWind Hyperconvergence

Flexibility and Simplicity

StarWind’s hyperconverged infrastructure provides higher flexibility, allowing you to not only scale-up by adding more drives, memory or CPUs, but also to scale-out by adding additional cluster nodes without overprovisioning.


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Saves space

All components within hyperconverged infrastructure are tightly integrated and delivered in a single building block, taking up less space in your datacentre.

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