Whether you’re setting up a new office or are looking to upgrade your IT infrastructure, we have a team of fully qualified and extremely experienced field engineers ready to establish and enhance your infrastructure. We work with major vendors including Hewlett Packard, Dell and SonicWall.

Infrastructure Services

Our range of infrastructure services

Servers and Networking


Our engineering team is accustomed to installing server and network storage solutions of all sizes and specifications – whether you’re fully on-premise or adopting a hybrid-cloud approach, we’ll review your business needs and provide servers and network technologies to best suit them.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI)

Hyperconvergence involves replacing your separated legacy infrastructure and combining it into a single system – significantly reducing the physical space occupied by hardware and simplifying the management of the infrastructure.



From core switches to routers, at NCS IT we have the ability to design and implement a variety of networking solutions and create virtual local area networks (VLAN), a domain which connects a system of computers, to suit the needs of your business.


Cabling & Wireless

Specialising in high-quality cables, from CAT 5 to CAT 6, we work with leading cable provider Excel to offer our clients a 25-year guarantee. Working with the latest technology, we also have the ability in-house to deliver full-fibre and wireless solutions, fluke testing and emergency fibre repairs.



It’s a misconception that companies have to be the ones to figure out what computers, laptops, printers and other hardware are best for their business. At NCS IT, we’ll advise and supply hardware from the world’s largest and most reliable IT vendors including Microsoft, HP, Dell and many more.



With the ever-increasing threat to businesses’ vital IT systems, it’s crucial to ensure you have the right firewall set up correctly in order to protect your business. As a leading SonicWall partner, we can supply and provide a managed firewall service to deliver essential protection for your network.

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