Providing our customers with Cisco network solutions that work for them.


Cisco Select Integrator

A key part of our offering is based around networking. So whether you need a local, campus, wide area network or wireless solution, we have partnered up with one of the best in the business to create your solution.

As a Cisco Select Integrator, we can help our customers to cost-effectively find the networking equipment required to support them and also provide the relevant expertise to design, configure and support a solution to offer and end-to-end service.


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Networking, Routing and Switching

Cisco is a world-leader in the networking space and being a Cisco Integrator means we are able to provide a full network installation and infrastructure design to your business.

Our engineers work to the highest standards and are experienced in a wide variety of Cisco hardware solutions.

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Wireless Networks

Our engineers can design and install secure, reliable wireless networks to support business-critical applications such as CCTV, location tracking and robotics for manufacturing.

Cisco’s wireless technologies are known to improve operational efficiency and facilitate new ways of working. Their ultra-reliable switching architecture can be scaled to suit any size deployment as well as being secure with the use of Cisco next-generation firewalls and intrusion prevention systems.

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Cisco Meraki Wireless Deployments

In today’s modern world, wireless networking plays a key role. Whether you need to manage a wireless network across multiple stores, or offer a wireless service for visiting customers, Cisco Meraki can supply the robust service you need.

Reliable, high performance Cisco Meraki wireless APs (Access Points), switches and security appliances are deployed in your remote branches. These devices automatically connect to the Cisco Meraki cloud over SSL, register with your network and download their configuration.

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Why choose NCS IT and Cisco?

John Rudd, Business Development Manager at NCS IT comments, “Cisco is one of the leading IT vendors in the world specialising in networking. We are proud to be one of their partners and use these amazing products.”


As a Cisco Meraki Partner we can help you adapt to changing needs, mitigate risk and uncertainty, embrace new opportunities, and simplify your IT.

If you are interested in unlocking your network’s full potential and building a leading business. Find out what NCS IT and Cisco can do for you.