All About Cloud-based Phone Systems

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What are cloud-based phone systems?


A cloud-based telephone system is one that allows you to make calls over the internet rather than a traditional analogue phone line. They are also known as VOIP, cloud PBX or a hosted PBX system.

Why would we need a cloud-based phone system?


Traditional PBX-based phone systems were designed for traditional business communications. But in a world of converged services, centralised management, business continuity and increasingly flexible working practices, your traditional phone system might be holding you back.


Plus, with the ISDN switch off happening in 2025, which will mean the end of analogue phone lines as we know them, businesses will need to look at an alternative telephone service.


Cloud-based systems provide agility for businesses, allowing you to adapt to changing needs without significant upfront investments.

What are the benefits of cloud-based phone systems?

1. Scalability & flexibility – cloud-based systems can be scaled easily to accommodate your needs, whether that means expanding your team of adjusting to seasonal fluctuations, the solutions can be adapted quickly and easily.


2. Cost-efficient – cloud-based systems eliminate the need for upfront investment in hardware. You can pay for what you use and easily plan for any fluctuations in your business.


3. Seamless remote access – with more staff working remotely now, cloud systems empower your team to communicate effectively whether they are working from home, the office or on the go!


4. Advanced features – most cloud-based phone systems offer a number of advanced features such as video conferencing, chat and integrated mobile solutions.


5. Security and reliability – cloud-based systems prioritise data protection, and with backup a priority too; you can guarantee an uninterrupted phone service when other traditional systems have failed.

What are our options?


We offer a number of cloud-based telephone solutions including Microsoft Teams Voice and 3CX.

  • Microsoft Teams Voice is an add-on for Microsoft 365 email and Teams platform. It’s a cloud-based phone system which can connect to your devices, PCs, mobile phones and your desk phones, if you have them. NCS can set up the licence and recommend any hardware to complement it.


  • 3CX is a VOIP phone system that lets your team stay connected. NCS can set you up on the flexible, scalable and modern phone system that offers numerous business features at a fraction of the cost of many others. 3CX also has apps for Android and Apple phones so your team can use the system even when they are working remotely and keep the same phone number they use in the office.

Get in touch with our Sales team to find out more about cloud-based phone systems and to enquire about the costs of these solutions.

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