NCS IT is 30!

NCS IT is 30!


30 years ago, technology as we know it today, wasn’t even a thought! There were no smartphones, no Netflix and not even Google!

But 1994 was a momentous year for the tech industry, the World Wide Web was just starting to be used more by the public and even more importantly, NCS IT began trading as NCS Support Services Ltd .

So in honour of it being our 30th anniversary this year, let’s take a look at what it was like in 1994.


Most people used Windows PCs which looked like this!




Mobile phones were available but huge and expensive and were used solely for making phone calls! Imagine!

As mentioned above, Tim Berners-Lee had not long invented the World Wide Web and published the very first website which looked like this. It was then made public in 1993 and changed the world as we knew it. The book “How to Use the Internet” by Mark Butler released in 1994 and the use of the internet started to grow rapidly.

This was Microsoft’s very first webpage which took a while to load because they used an image!

Yahoo was also founded in 1994. Who remembers the first logo?!

There was no cloud storage, we all used floppy discs to backup files!

The Sony PlayStation arrived in 1994 too and changed videogames forever. AND we were still watching movies on VHS (DVD wasn’t invented until 1995) and you had to go to rent videos or buy them – no streaming yet! Remember Friday nights at Blockbuster?!

And finally, emails were rarely sent because it was so expensive and not everyone had it, so we were still using fax machines!


So much has changed in 30 years, what will change in the next 30?!

One thing is for sure, NCS IT will ensure that we know what’s happening in the IT world and keep our fingers on the pulse – ensuring our staff are aware and trained in the latest technology to help you and your business work at its very best.

We’ve got some events and surprises planned for our 30th anniversary year so make sure you keep on checking your emails and have a look on our LinkedIn too for all our updates.


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