How to Block Attacks on your Mobile Devices

Many people let their guard down on mobiles devices but you should be as careful as if you were using a desktop. Here are a few ways to block mobile attacks >

When using Wi-Fi

  • Don’t allow your device to join unfamiliar networks.
  • Always turn off Wi-Fi when you aren’t using it or don’t need it.
  • Never send sensitive information over Wi-Fi unless you’re absolutely sure it’s a secure network.


When using Apps

  • Only use apps available in the official Apple or Android store – never download from a browser.
  • Be wary of apps from unknown developers or those with limited/bad reviews.
  • Keep apps updated so they have the latest security patches.
  • If apps are no longer supported by your store, just delete them!
  • Don’t grant administrator or excessive privileges to apps unless you truly trust them.



  • Watch out for giveaways and contests that seem too good to be true. They often are and lead to phishing sites.
  • Pay close attention to URLs. Does it match where you’re going?
  • Never save login information. Switch off autofill or user names and passwords.



  • Disable automatic Bluetooth pairing.
  • Always turn off Bluetooth when not in use.


SMS Phishing Attempts

  • Don’t trust messages that ask you to reveal any personal information.
  • Treat messages the same way you would treat an email, always think before you click.


Telephone Call Phishing Attempts

  • Do not respond to telephone requests for personal financial information.
  • Speak only with real humans when providing account information and only when you initiate the call.
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