Imposter Phishing Techniques on the Rise

It’s the run up to Christmas and cybercriminals turn to imposter phishing techniques.

Frequently, this involves asking a member of staff to purchase gift cards for Amazon, Apple etc. for someone they know, such as a colleague, manager, work mate etc.

Sometimes, they ask the recipient to purchase a number of gift cards urgently using their own money, which would be reimbursed when they are “back in the office.”

The scammers ask for the member of staff to reply to the email with the details of the gift card which is then spent by the criminals. You are left out of pocket without realising, until it is too late.

If you ever receive an email like this, ring or message the person who sent the email before buying the gift cards. It’s always better to check it is legitimate before going ahead, no matter how much pressure you feel they are putting on you.

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