What is Multifactor Authentication?

When you sign into your online accounts, you are essentially proving to the site that you are who you say you are in order to gain access. Traditionally you have done this by inputting your username (or email address) and a password.

Unfortunately, this is not enough any more. Usernames are easy to find (especially if it is your email address) and people tend to pick simple passwords or use the same password on multiple sites to make it easier for them.

This is why most online services including banks, social media, shopping and your Microsoft 365 account have added Multifactor Authentication, otherwise known as Two-step verification, to make your account more secure.

When you sign into your account you need more than just your username and password to login, you need a second “factor” to prove who you are.

The most common kinds of factors are:

  • Something you know – like a password or PIN
  • Something you have – such as a smartphone or a secure USB key
  • Something you are – for example a fingerprint or facial recognition.


Microsoft have put together a great video about Multifactor Authentication which you can find here >

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