NCS IT’s Managed Cyber Security Offer

We have just launched our Managed Cyber Security offer which delivers a powerful suite of managed endpoint protection, detection and response capabilities to help protect your business from determined cybercriminals.

This approach enables you to find and eliminate threats that lead to breaches, ransomware and more. We provide the technology, expertise and resources needed to stop advanced attacks and halt hackers in their tracks.

The systems we use review all suspicious activity and detections and will only alert when a threat is verified or action is required.  Our Managed Cyber Security Offer is built to secure small and mid-market businesses with a unique combination of features, support and expertise at an affordable cost.


How it works
  1. Detect – Install the agent and it will find attackers who abuse legitimate Windows applications, bypass other security tools or are already in the process of deploying malware and ransomware.
  2. Analyse – The threat hunters then review any suspicious activity and can send easy-to-understand incident reports that explain the scope and severity or every verified threat.
  3. Respond – The system isolates endpoints and remediates threats found.
  4. Report – You can then track any incidents, review investigations and generate reports.


If you’re interested in our Managed Cyber Security Offer, contact one of our Sales team today.

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