Domain Fraud

We have seen instances recently where fraudsters have purchased domains similar to a company’s name in order to impersonate them and fraudulently invoice their customers.

Example scenario:
1. Joe Bloggs PLC’s website is
2. Fraudsters purchase the domain in order to try to hoodwink Joe Bloggs PLC’s customers.
3. Fraudsters try to trick Joe Bloggs PLC’s customers with phoney-but-real-looking invoices from the fake company’s domain. They are relying on the similar-looking domain to fool the busy staff in your accounts department who will see a legitimate-looking email.

Please ensure you check, check and check again each and every email address and domain when you receive an email asking for money.

Please be vigilant. If you identify a fraudulent domain, it can be blacklisted so further emails are blocked automatically.

Please ensure you share the information internally as well, especially to those who process payments.

These kind of attacks are becoming increasingly common. Please be on your guard.

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